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Seaspin Shrimp U

Seaspin Lures
A technological shrimp
• Available in three different sizes: 2”-3”-4”
This small technological shrimp is the link between the representation of nature and the artificial reconstruction of what attracts most predators that eat it. Everyone can copy reality, but few are able to understand the essence and reproduce artificially the key features that make a soft bait irresistible. The body ring allows a perfect trigger, making it anti-stranding and facilitating the escape of the hook. The thin wings at the sides reproduce the vibrations that would be emitted naturally by the legs, also contribute to asset the lure with jerked recoveries. Shrimp-U finds its greatest effectiveness in the breaks during the fall and latch on the bottom, to be used weight-less in “stop and go” retrieve, where any turbulence is enough to put into action al the lure. Perfect in version shaky head, also maintains its attractive power presented with Texas rig and drop shot. Available in three sizes 2”, 3”, 4” and many color schemes that allow it to be used successfully both in fresh water and sea .The tail has a more or less triangular shape, when jerking follows a fairly regular sinusoidal trajectory, more suitable for medium-slow retrieves, for more snappy and fast movements. It has the possibility of being fragmented through incisions that allow to remove two sections creating a tail with 3 different vibrant appendages. Developed by Marco Calloni.
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