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Seaspin Murigu 25

Seaspin Lures
• Casting hybrid jig slow sinking
• Double structure: transparent outer shell in Abs and inner core formed by a metal alloy jig Length: 3” - Weight: ¾ oz
• Seaspin Gàmu SW round hooks, super-sharp corrosion resistant salt water hooks #1/0
• Suitable for offshore fishing from the boat on the feed of a large number of pelagic predators such as tunnids, bonito, amberjacks and dolphin fish
• It allows a wide range of retrieves and a very long cast
• The plastic that covers the metal gives the bait in the water a bright halo that mimics swimming minnows.
Murigu in Sardinian means confusion, ferment, just what happens during a feeding frenzies, to which Murigu jig is dedicated to. The metal body of the jig has been incorporated in a plastic case, in search of a calibrated relation between weight and volume and of a body shape to allow this type of bait to have their own personal movements. The great long cast ability makes it suitable to stay away from feeding frenzies not to disturb the predatory activity and, thanks to its slowed down sinking, the position of the center of gravity and the shape of the body, can be exploited in different ways respect to a traditional jig. When retrieved slowly, its linear motion is the one of a quiet little fish, if speeded up, keeping a constant retrieve, makes a slight wobbling that mimics a fish in activity. If retrieved quickly, rises to the surface mimicking a prey trying to escape from the predator, while if left defenseless, its trim in fall is practically horizontal with a slight roll, imitating a fish that has been injured or killed during predators attacks. Murigu was born as a versatile bait to be used for fish that attack in school like bonitos, dolphin fish and so on. The colors have been selected to have a large variety to choose from different forage fish colors to fantasy ones, and in all the models the plastic that covers the colored metal part gives the bait in the water a bright halo that mimics alive minnows.
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