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Seaspin Leppa Jig

Seaspin Lures
Type: casting metal jig
Lenght: 2.2”, 3’’, 3.5’’, 3.8”, 4.1”
Weight: 3/8 oz, 3/4 oz, 1 1/4 oz, 1 1/2 oz, 1 15/16 oz
Hooks: Seaspin Gàmu SW round hooks, super-sharp corrosion resistant salt water hooks
#1 with assist P.E. 3.0 - 55 lb (3/8oz); #1/0 (3/4 oz); #2/0 (1 1/4 oz); #3/0 (1 1/2 oz); #5/0 (1 15/16 oz)
Leppa metal jig is a flattish, from which the name Leppa derives. In Sardinian language means knife, and in fact its appearance recalls much like a knife. The flat and aerodynamics shape, with the centre of mass shifted in the back allows it amazing casts. In retrieve allows many customizations: manages to secure a nervous and very attractive swimming on linear retrieve and at very low speeds and at the same time on the jerks responds with side shots almost it was a jerk bait instead of a metal jig; with sustained speed an high rod and it can swim just below the surface using the vortexes that will create as an additional source of attraction to predators. It is presented with a special single hook (Gàmu round hook) instead of the classic double hook, because it is more robust for large marine predators. Perfect to use from boat and land. It is suitable for searching a large number of predators, especially pelagic fishes such as bonito, amberjack and dolphin fish. However it is not disregarded by other predators of the coast as dentex and bluefish. Excellent lure for fishing on feeding frenzies off shore where his swimming features permit very slow movements that allow to stay longer in the hot spot. They are sold with a lip already built in which is used primarily on feeding frenzies allowing to stand longer in fishing areas and it’s an additional point of attraction for fish. When fishing in deeper areas it is recommended to remove it to increase the speed of its sinking.
11 ACC
11 AGU
11 GBA
11 PCR
11 PPV
11 SAR
11 WCR1
11 WCR 2
22 ACC
22 AGU
22 GBA
22 PCR
22 PPV
22 SAR
22 WCR 1
22 WCR 2
33 ACC
33 AGU
33 GBA
33 PCR
33 SAR
33 WCR 1
33 WCR 2
44 ACC
44 GBA
44 PCR
44 PPV
44 RGV
44 SAR
44 WCR 1
44 WCR 2
55 ACC
55 AGU
55 GBA
55 PCR
55 PPV
55 SAR
55 WCR 1
55 WCR 2
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