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Seaspin EJA 100 Jerkbait

Seaspin Lures
• ABS Body – Length: 4” – Weight: 3/8 oz. - depth range: 1'-3’
• Moving inner weights for long casting
• Inner armor and reinforced treble hooks for fresh or salt water
• 3D holographic eyes
• Great for large fresh water gamefish
• Perfect handling for all types of retrieves
• Swerves more than 120 degrees during the jerk phase
Concept and Design
Eja 100 Reactivity and Control Learning from experience, this is the concept we apply to all our projects and which has been instrumental in developing and obtaining the high performance lure Eja 100. The Eja 100 was born in the wake of the older brothers Eja 130 and Eja 130 Bullet, like these, it maintains many technical and constructive characteristics but introduces new ones that make its operation more specific for the environments and situations for which it was designed. The Eja 100 is 100 mm (4 inches) long for a total weight of 10 grams 3/8th of an ounce. Its steel armor is through and is equipped with three “super-sharp” 2x number # 8 treble hooks. Its swimming depth varies from 30 to 90 centimeters (1 to 3 feet). The body, compared to the larger models, has been reduced while maintaining its proportions on the two axes unchanged. The final result remains faithful to the initial project which stands out for its clean, technical and highly functional design. Eja 100, was born as a "light" alternative, to be used in all salt and freshwater environments in the conditions where a smaller bait can really make a difference in catches. It is a classic jerkbait, studied, developed and built to become the artificial par excellence. The Eja 100 is the lure you can use in virtually any fishing situation without missing anything else.

Particularly designed for sea bass, it is equally suitable for targeting prey such as greenhouse, bonito, mahi mahi and all medium to small size marine predators, but also in fresh water for bass, chub, pike, trout, cheppie. The sea, river, streams, lakes, canals are the environments where you can launch your new Eja 100 with great ease and confidence. The tapered lines of the body and the shape of its blade are perfectly calibrated to make the bait vibrate without affecting its performance. The ability to customize its movement along with the internal movable weights make the lure a real bullet, despite its low weight of 10 gr. (3/8 oz.), a quality that will allow you to use the little Eja even on windy days. During the retrieve, a distinct vibration is felt and the bait responds immediately to every move from the fisherman.  There is a precise feeling of never losing contact with the lure. Designed to be used with medium-light components in fresh and salt water, it changes its state of light buoyancy if used with heavier than recommended end caps or carabiners, gradually becoming suspending and, as the weight of the components increases, slightly sinking in the sea and in water sweet without losing its effectiveness. A must have for anyone who likes to fish with a suspending bait. We recommend using our 10 lb Jack and a diameter of the fluorocarbon leader proportionate to the characteristics of the bait (max 14/16 lb. for a diameter ranging from 0.29 to 0.33 mm.)

The Eja 100 lends itself both to an active linear recovery or animated by small and rhythmic jerks but it is never static even during the slow ascent phases, when an imperceptible roll on the vertical axis makes it irresistible to the eye of the predator. Eja in Sardinian language means "YES" and after Eja 130 SF, Eja 130 Bullet, this is definitely the third and decided "YES" from Seaspin.
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