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Seaspin Buginu 55

Seaspin Lures
• Sinking Minnow
• ABS Body – Length: 2.25” – Weight: 1/5 oz. Depth range: a few inches to 3 feet.
• Reinforced treble hooks for fresh and salt water fishing
• Excellent in fresh water on trout, chub and perch and in the sea on difficult sea bass
• Long casts despite the small size.

Concept and Design
Buginu 55 swims with a slight roll and with a narrow wagging, which characterizes it. Excellent casting performance even though it is small in size, thanks to its specific weight and its aerodynamic shape. It is ideal in situations where it is important to make accurate casts and to place the bait at the exact spot. Perfectly suited in streams to probe the deeper holes. It swims well even in high speed retrieves and against the current, thanks to the unique shape of its lip. Ideal for encouraging all types of predators with a small mouth like trout, chub and perch. In saltwater colors are effective for schooling fish like horse mackerel, pompano and garfish. Particularly useful to solve difficult situations searching sea bass in ports and lagoons. The lip shape is a Patented Design.

Buginu 55
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