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Who is Seaspin?

Passion is Life
The History of Seaspin
Spin Fishing in Italy started to dramatically increase in popularity in the early years of the new millennium. With the simultaneous extension of the Mediterranean Sea species growth and the development of new computer networks, came the creation of forums and blogs. That wealth of information triggered a shared experience of fishing that in a  short time brought a new market in sea fishing. We put our passion for fishing and the entire community of the most important Italian Sea Spinning forum, at the heart of this phenomenon: In 2010 the brand Seaspin was created, and in no time, became very popular because its products represent the shared solutions of expert fishermen shared to the everyday angler.
The Seaspin Concept
Our product inventions come from a fisherman’s necessity to have the right equipment for each environment and fishing conditions. This is why we create specialized products designed to give solutions to the specific needs of spinning fishermen around the world who dream of a better quality fishing experience. This is the key to success that the brand has achieved, thanks to the quality and quantity of catches that our products provide all over the world. Seaspin continues to propose new and innovative products and those products are designed in Italy with the experience and competence of our engineers.  Every model is tested by our engineers and fisherman. From the initial concept, to the first sketch, to CAD drawings, to prototypes, to molds, the product is vigirously tested and improved at every step by our Engineers and Staff. All of this detail and attention to quality makes the development of a new product take at least a year. Perfection is not a fast process. This time allows for improvement, continuous quality checks, and catches to give a product of great value in the name of Italian creativity, design and talent. Seaspin collection is constantly expanding and partnered with major international figures who share our name and our vision of fishing. Seaspin is experience, professionalism, quality, innovation, talent; in one word, Seaspin is Passion.
Geko Freshwater Baits by Seaspin
The GEKO Concept
GEKO is the answer to the constant question that freshwater anglers ask us every day. We have finally given a voice to those who love Seaspin lures to such an extent, to use them regularly in the lakes and rivers of the heartland, due to the awesome catching power they have on predatory fish. We have studied and balanced the trims, changing liveries and treble hooks, to make all our products even better. We are anglers and we give answers to our needs. All our lures are the result of experience and design work. Our strength and collaboration, with those who constantly casts lures in the water until they know the small details, make the big difference.

For the realization of the GEKO brand we worked side by side with a team of American professionals, combining the Italian and European experience with the American one. Underscoring the company’s sensitivity, we have developed a new plastic less packaging for hardbaits and spinnerbaits for GEKO. From a different form of packaging, we managed to save about 90% in the use of plastic compared to the original packaging.

Fish the GEKO
Ripples are small, often in the early morning non-existent, a whole ecosystem develops around the reeds. The little wind that moves the reeds and the small wave noise is normal; and normal are coots playing and eating algae on the edge of the shore, and the kingfisher that dives occasionally fishing is not interested in it. The bluegills in the burrows, in the shallows hardly impossible to reach for the big bass that waits in the reeds. Waits, motionless, it doesn’t even turn his eyes if a herd of bleaks passes guarded at one meter from the reeds. Those, you know, at the first fin movement; fly!  Frogs? Frogs then do not miss a jump or hardly. He, THE BLACK, is there in the normal disaster of a reed. But something, something strange, not very close but something strange attracts his attention. A dive, a particular splash. Eyes turn and look towards the hypothetical point where that noise came from. Different. Something has entered the water but he did not see it, did not see exactly where the noise came from. Fins open and antennas stretched, now a noise, a small irregular rub in the midst of the reeds, leads him to a precise point to be considered. The Bass is in alarm, his ears, his radar, are directed toward the particular noise. Something there is in difficulty, it is probably not in a position to get away. Now a second of silence and then the rustle resumes frantic but then stops. Stirrr tic tic tic. Stirrrr. Seconds. A few seconds, to locate and follow that curious creature which is there. Very close, now it hides. With difficulty it tries to get out of the reeds, dusts the bottom and raises a cloud of dust and tries to climb over that root. Tic, tic. In difficulty, noisily in trouble, a little lonely fish can not escape, seems so incredibly naive slow, noisy. Caught!”. (Pendolino Rig System by Paolo Germani)
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