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GEKO Pro Q 90

Geko Lures
• Walk the dog action with long casting
• ABS Body – Length: 3.5” – Weight: 3/8 oz.
• treble hooks sharp and reinforced for all fishing waters
• Tank tested.
• 3D holographic eye.
• Easy to use.
• Perfect control of the Walk the Dog movement
• Back end drops when retrieval stops for an easier target
The Pro-Q 90 is the ideal lure to draw out bottom dwelling fish to the mid water because of its zig zag action. By changing the frequency of the action, you get all the variables necessary to customize the retrieve without ever losing the walk the dog movement. The ease of casting, due to its balance, allows you to gain extra distance of retrieve in each cast and to maintain an inclined stable position that is best for the hook and strike. The features make it the perfect walking the dog lure for fishing in all weather conditions. Low frequency rattling is produced by the inner spheres.
Blue Olive
Blue Shad
Ghost Perch
Sunrise Pearl
American Shad
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