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GEKO Moty Grub

Geko Lures
Concept and Design
10 Per Pack
• When Size and Vibrations Matter
MOTY grub comes from the national and international races of the world champion Simone Bruccoleri. A simple but essential bait for finesse presentations. The Moty is made of a soft and thin wormlike body , combined with a wide sickle-shaped tail capable of producing vibrations similar to those emitted by more generous size grubs. The ability to use this lure with techniques such as split shot, drop shot, and shaky head is completed by the classic Texas trigger without added weight. In such cases, the weight of the hook will be enough to make the bait work at its best during the descent phase, stimulating even the most apathetic and distrustful predators. Moty grub is available in 10 colors to best adapt to all clarity and lighting water conditions .
Baby Bass
Chartreuse SIlver
Deep Junebug
Green Pumpkin
Motor Oil
Natural Killer
Red Gold
Smoke Red
Watermelon Red
White Ice
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