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GEKO Mommotti 115 SF

Geko Lures
• Long jerk minnow floating with a slow rise.
• ABS Body – Length: 4.5” – Weight: 3/7 oz. Depth range: 1’-2.5’.
• Moving inner weights for long casting. Equipped with Dynamic Center of Gravity (D.C.G.)
• Inner armor and SW treble hooks, super sharp saltwater resistant
• Sinuous and irresistible swimming with flash and maximum jerking control.
It is the smallest model of the series Mommotti and its sinuous swimming, which differentiates itself from larger models, seems to find a perfect realization with its small size. Mommotti 115 SF, however, has an edge over the other models of the family, thanks to a particular internal construction called DCG: Dynamic Center of Gravity. With its 115 mm and a weight of 12 g is the lightest model in the series and is a very strong lure for all sea and fresh water predators of small and medium-sized, but it is definitely perfect for seabass, snook, redfish, trout and many other species. What is the D.C.G.? The DCG is an internal system, which allows the Mommotti 115 SF to jerk more marked than usual. In practice with the DCG, the internal mobile spheres, which are normally blocked in a very narrow space when the lure is swimming, are free to move in a larger space and their backward movement during the jerks creates a greater instability of the lure balance which makes wider skids.

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