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Geko Lures
Concept and Design
Spherical head: 3/8oz - 1/2oz
Bullet head: 3/8oz - 1/2oz - 3/4oz - 1oz
Geko jig head is one of the many last revolutionary Seaspin products. Imagine a jig head that allows you to enter the inside of the cover without getting stuck. Imagine being able choose size and shape of the soft plastic without being subject to the limitations of the hook. Imagine after hooking the fish you are free to enjoy the fight without worrying your catch can release at the last moment. It’ a jig head armed with a texas style hook, which allows you to rig your favorite trailer with the function to avoid any kind of problems without reducing its anchor power. The Geko jig is currently availible in 2 types. One has a spherical head for situations with rocky bottoms and gravel of various sizes, the other has bullet head to facilitate the entry through the cover and for situations where it needs more penetration. Both versions are available in 11 colors to deal with all types of water.
GS 01
GS 02
GS 04
GS 05
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