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GEKO Crush

Geko Lures
• Spinnerbait ½ oz. double willows version
• Revolutionary Frog Shaped Head
• Perfect to use in shallow water
• High performance swimming action
• Mobile hook with horizontal trim
• No need for trailer hook
• Flexable hook minimizes the risk of losing fish in fight.
• Performs well even at high speeds
Concept and Design
The Crush Spinnerbait is unique because of its flexable hook and semi-rigid tube. This innovations helps prevent the fish from throwing the hook and you losing your prize catch. The hook joint adds length to the presentation making the use of the trailer hook unnecessary. Its unique frog-shaped head with high lift allows for navigation through underwater obsticles and good set up. The Crush Spinnerbait give off a high and unique vibration. The Crush works well with high speed retrievs. The double willow action is attractive to all large predators.

Watermelon White
Smoke White
Chartreuse White
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