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GEKO Bokon

Geko Lures
Concept and Design
• A unique bait
• Half Shrimp action half Crawfish Action
Imitation crawfish. The claws act like a spoon and parachute slowing the sinking. While dragging the Bokon on the muddy bottom, the spoon of the claw collects mud and releases it naturally during retrieval. Detaching the two claws, Bokon becomes a creature who continues its attractive function through the  antennas and legs,  emitting vibrations during the different phases of movement. The inner salt and shrimp scent make the bait irresistible to predators. Because of the scent and texture of the compound, fish hold the bait longer in their mouth preventing them from realizing the deception. Bokon is a unique sized bait that represents a delicious meal in the eyes of lurking predators. It can be used in a Texas rig or as a trailer for the various jig heads. Available in 10 different colors selected to successfully deal with all types of water.
Black Red
Chartreuse Silver
Deep Blue
Deep Junebug
Green Pumpkin
Nuclear Claw
Purple Gold
Red Gold
Watermelon Red
White Ice
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